We are a multifunctional company that offers multiple products and services. Created by Edgar Calles with the idea of offering a wide range of products.

One of our products is jewelry, where we have a wide variety of garments in gold of different carats, we also offer perfumes of all original brands and the best designers. Another product we offer is a wide line of cowboy clothing, there you can find everything related to hats, boots, belts, etc. So in Calles Enterprise we are here to serve you and you can buy everything in this online store.

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chief executive officer

With more than 20 years of experience in the business area Edgar calles presents his online store CALLES ENTERPRISE, an idea born from the heart of its creator.

Edgar Calle, a respected citizen and recognized for his interest in the development of the community, offers a variety of products that you can purchase from the comfort of your home.

Husband Father, son continued family lineage in the area of jewelry and gold garments.

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